Vilmantas Žumbys

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DIY by Anastasia Sosunova is an exhibition revolving around a video journal of a friends’ road trip to places of power in pursuit of transcendence and selfie spots, inventing a devotional DIY subculture as they go. […] It’s a story that welds wellness, pole dance and scaffolding poles together inside of the rusty steel carcass yet to be cemented. All of this in anticipation of the DIY prophet: after all, everyone is building their own, private machines for salvation. [Editorial archive]

Visual communication is heavily inspired by the 70s movie posters. The typeface bringing marketing and contemporarty prophetic scriptures together is Romana, designed by Gustav F. Schroeder and Theophile Beaudoire

ARTIST Anastasia Sosunova
GALLERY Editorial
CAMERA OPERATORS Anastasia Sosunova, Agnė Jokšė
COMPOSER Miša Skalskis
GUITARIST James Devane
ACTRESS Ayten Huseynova
PROOFREADER (EN) Joseph Everatt
PROOFREADER (LT) Kristina Pilitauskienė
TRANSLATOR (EN) Alexandra Bondarev
NAIL TECHNICIANS Freestyle Manic, Ayten Huseynova
EXHIBITION TECHNICIANS Gediminas G. Akstinas, Jurgis Paškevičius
PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS Einimas Juravičius, Jūratė Narmontaitė
DESIGNER Vilmantas Žumbys

Lithuanian Council for Culture
Vilnius Municipality
MO Museum
Lewben Art Foundation

DIY by Anastasia Sosunova —Editorial
Photo reportage —echogonewrong

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